Laminate Limited Five Year Warranty

Warranty Information for Laminate Products

Doors, drawer fronts, mouldings and embellishment items that have a Laminate applied are warranted against defects occurring in the manufacturing process and delamination or surface discoloration for 5 Years from the shipping date.

In order to maintain the warranty on laminate doors, drawer fronts and parts when used in conjunction with heat emitting sources, all NKBA standards must be held in compliance when installing cabinetry. All appliance manufacturers’ installation requirements must also have been met. The KCMA standard for heat resistance requires that doors withstand 24 hours at 120-degrees F and 70% humidity without showing discoloration, blistering or other film failure. Ours exceed this standard. The Underwriters Laboratories’ standard for the maximum amount of heat an oven can omit is 200-degrees F. The average heat resistance of our laminate products is 185-degrees F with the range being 175 to 210-degrees F.

Heat Shields are an excellent product for protecting laminate components from possible damage caused by excessive ambient heat (temperatures beyond the ANSI/KCMA standard). Install them on cabinets near self-cleaning ovens broilers and dishwashers.

This warranty is limited to the defect as specified and does not include defects or damages due to misuse or normal surface weathering, or defects or damages caused by accident or fire, heat or smoke, or other casualty, or any other causes of occurrences beyond the manufacturer’s control. The exclusive action provided shall be limited to repair, restoration, replacement or return for proper credit of the products as determined by Mouser Cabinetry.

All laminate products are for use in vertical applications only and are not to be used in horizontal applications such as for a counter top or shelf.

The cabinet cases and related Mouser finished wood products are still covered by Mouser Cabinetry, LLC, Limited Lifetime Warranty as noted in Section 2 of this catalog.

Warpage Tolerances for Laminate Doors and Laminate Panels

The warp specification is 1/16” (or 1mm) per lineal foot.

Maximum Door Sizes are 31” wide or 60” tall for hinged doors.

Maximum Frame Door Sizes are 31” wide or 60” tall.

Laminate Door – up to 24” tall – up to 1/8” warpage allowed

Laminate Door – up to 48” tall – up to 1/4" warpage allowed

Laminate Door – up to 62” tall – up to 5/16” warpage allowed

Laminate Door/Drawer – up to 12” wide – up to 1/16” warpage allowed

Laminate Door/Drawer – up to 24” wide – up to 1/8” warpage allowed

The Capri and Portico door styles over 48” tall will be one (1) design tall.

Warranty Notice:

Due to the variance in plywood thickness allowed by H.P.V.A. (Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association), cabinets built using plywood construction may be undersized by 1/16”. This is not a defect and will not be considered a reason for replacement.

Prolonged exposure to tobacco smoke will discolor thermofoil finishes, and this side effect is not covered under warranty.

Laminate Product CARB Information

The materials used in laminate products provided on Mouser Cabinetry are CARB compliant. These Finished Goods w/Composite Wood Comply with current California Code of Regulation 93120 and CPA (Composite Panel Association) EPP (Environmentally Preferred Product) 3-08.